Margaret Anderson

April 15th, 2014

Member of CISMC Board

Public Relations Committee


Madison County Schools, Retired


I was born and raised in Indiana and entered the Air Force when I graduated from high school. The Air Force was good to me, I was able to travel and I completed college with a BA degree in History. I moved to Madison County when Fred and I married and have lived here now for 42 years. I worked for the Madison County School System for 32 years and have an abiding interest in the welfare of its students. I completed my masters at Western Carolina. All the way back in the 80’s, Dr. Owen Fish brought me an Apple computer to use in my classroom and that got me started on one of the loves of my life. I’d hate to think about life without all the things the programs and the Internet make possible. I really believe it can enrich anybody’s life. I worked in the Central Office doing NC WISE, the student accounting system, and the state testing program and retired July 1, 2010.

I work with Carol Gunter Rice on her program called the Shoe Fund. She raises money to buy shoes for Madison County school children. I volunteer at Laurel Elementary two mornings a week. We are currently working on a video to give the 5th grade graduates memories of their time at Laurel.

I have been impressed with the work that Communities in Schools does with students. It is such a valuable service and badly needed. Some students require that extra help and attention that sees them through when otherwise they would very probably fail. That help and attention is what CIS provides and Tom Field’s dedication to his job is what makes it all possible. I very much appreciate being asked to be a member of the CIS Board and I hope I can make a contribution to the excellent work it does with students. 

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